10 Unique Power Projects That Will Shock You

The future of world lies on energy . People around the world are trying to solve this problem in their own unique ways. These solutions are quite experimental in nature that will take you by surprise. Here are 10 unique examples that will take you by surprise.

Abandoned golf courses or solar power farms


Japan is a land starved nation and it hardly makes sense to waste land on golf courses. There was one golf course in Kagoshima ,which has been closed long ago,which has been developed as a solar farm by Kyocera, a company. It has also developed floating solar farms. Once completed, it will produce 92 MW energy. Another solar power plant, this one to generate 23 MW, is also being installed on an abandoned golf course in Kyoto Prefecture. It will power 8100 homes after completion.

Giant solar Tulips in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is building giant solar tulips to meet its energy needs and achieve its mission to be a carbon neutral country by 2025. Each plant will be surrounded by field of mirrors designed to track the sun movement. However, the method to generate power is quite unique.

The mirrors reflect the sun rays on the bulb put on tower which in turn heats the bulb to extremely high temperature. It boils the water kept in the bulb which in turn generates steam. The steam runs a turbine generator. It works well even when sunlight is not available.

Electric highways’ could charge electric cars

dnews-files-2015-08-electric-highways-could-charge-electric-cars-670-jpg (1)

Sounds impossible, but it’s on way to become a reality. The biggest problem with electric cars is that they need to charged frequently—which is difficult as the charging process takes a lot of time. United Kingdom has started testing electric highways that will charge electric and hybrid vehicles. It will be extremely useful in the long distance travel.
To make it possible, wireless technology has been used in the test cars, on the other hand equipments will be installed underneath the road that will charge the EV.

Wave power is gaining popularity


Though wave power has not been as popular as wind and solar options, but it’s developing. However, more pilot projects are being approved so that it may soon catch up with other sources. U.S. Government has just granted Ocean Power Technologies, a 35-year license to operate a 1.5-megawatt wave farm which is 4 km from the cost of Oregon.

Massive Wall of Fans Converts CO2 to Fuel

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Now the best of all, a Canadian startup, Carbon Engineering, is working to deploy massive walls of intake fans which will suck Carbon dioxide from air and covert it into fuel. Thus it will not only produce fuel but also reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles and power plants. Company’s full-scale design, once completed will be able to absorb CO2 emissions of 300,000 cars.

The spherical Sun power generator

beta-ray-generator (1)

When it comes to engineering, Germans have no comparison. A German architect Andre Broessel have made a special sun power generator prototype, named beta.ray that combines spherical geometry panel with a dual axis tracking system. This is a futuristic design that plans to squeeze more juice from the solar power.

Floating solar power panels

Japan is passionate about solar energy. It has doubled the solar power generation ability within two years. It has recently created two floating solar panels capable of providing electricity needs of 1000 homes in Japan.
Two such mega hydro solar plants have come up in Nishihira and Higashihira Ponds in Kato City. This has been developed by electronics giant Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation. The most interesting part is that these panels are made up of high-density polyethylene which is better than land-based solar panels because of the cooling effect of water.

Water powered stove

India is a energy starved country and it has led to startups to think about innovative ways to meet its energy needs. Reinwo Labs, a 2014 startup, choose clean energy as its core area. Hydgas is their flagship product. It is like a stove that uses water as fuel. It uses electricity to break water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Hydrogen fuel cells


Hydrogen fuel cells are one of the biggest hope of future energy. Since they can generate energy using only hydrogen and oxygen, it’s completely clean energy. Nothing can be better alternative than an automobile running on hydrogen and emitting water from its internal combustion engine. But its commercial viability is not very good.

Tree shaped wind turbine in Paris


Paris will soon have power generated from the ‘trees’. The project has been put into reality by a French company New Wind French company called New Wind which plan to install tree shaped turbines. These artificial tree leaves generate small electric currents when wind blows. The power generated is sufficient to power malls or streets in urban centers. £23,500 priced trees are more efficient that wind turbines. These artificial trees can generate electricity in wind speeds as low as 4.5 mph.


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