11 Wearable Technology Products For Your Kids That Are Simply Irresistible

What’s the focus of wearable technology companies? It’s mother and child—if said in simple words. The frenzy of parents about monitoring their kids has given a boost to a whole new industry of wearable technology kids tracker products . Parents are not just satisfied after tracking the location of their kids through GPS tracking devices; they even want to monitor their heart rate and body temperature. The parents of special needs children have also shown a strong penchant towards such technology.

“Technology is now certainly helping us to monitor our kids without giving the impression that we are interfering in their lives. We don’t want to be very intrusive.” says Robert Prestize, a manager in a courier company.”

Being parent is not an easy job. They always need to be monitored. Besides safety and security, health is certainly a major concern. Your ward has a fever and you have to measure the body temperature at a regular basis.

Most wearable technology companies are mainly concerned about security devices. Wearable bands are much more popular among parents in the category of kids tracking/monitoring devices.

How real is the health risk from wearable technology

Though wearable kids tracking technology offer a distinct advantage in health monitoring and security, but health experts also warn of serious health risks to people wearing them as it further exposes them to radio waves. The risk is even more for kids as they have lower level of immunity. Since these devices are attached to body, the risk is higher.

However, the risk is lower than Wi-Fi based internet technology as the most wearable technology use Bluetooth technology which emits much lower level of radiofrequency.

11 Most promising wearable tech products for kids and families

Here is the list of top 11 wearable tech kids tracker products:

OWLET: Smart Socks That Sends You Alert Messages When Your Baby Stops Breathing


The Owlet Smart is a little baby bootie which monitors your kid’s heart rate and oxygen level. It uses removable sensor technology for the purpose. Parents can monitor the real-time.

baby with iphone
Though hospitals have used this pulse oximetry technology for long and its only now that masses have started using this. It sends you an alert whenever your baby stops breathing. It comes in three different shock sizes.

Reviews: On Amazon more than 75% customers have provided 5 Star rating to the product.

MIMO: Tracks respiration

MIMO is another similar wearable tech marvel which monitors respiration, but not the heart rate. All the data is sent to Mimo Lilypad Base Station through Bluetooth which you can see on the MIMO app on your iPhone or Android Device.

Reviews: On Amazon 51% people have given it 5 Star rating.

FILIP 2: Smart locator

The FiLIP 2 is a wrist watch; it has a GPS locator, and also a cell phone that works in sync with iOS or Android application. The product has seen many design improvements since its launch. It helps you locate your kids wherever they are. However, the application updates the child information only after 15 minutes.

How it works

FiLIP has been developed and designed in a way that triggers an automatic location beacon and ambient sound recording.

Reviews: 16 % people have given 5 Star review and overwhelming 60 percent people have given 1 Star.

Price: $149.99


Tinitell App

It’s a single button wrist phone GPS/Bluetooth locator which makes call based on voice recognition. Child also does not need to remember phone number and tell to whom he wants to talk. It is water proof, dust resistant and has a long battery life. There is no limit of numbers you wish to add in the device unlike many such wearable technology products.

Tinitel is one of the most popular kid tracking device available in the market.

Reviews: More than 67 percent people have given 5 Star rating to product and 27 percent customers have given 1 Star review.


Components 2

Features and functions

HereO Smartwatch Locator

It’s a watch based on GPS and GSM location services. The watch locator is connected with iOS and Android application. It is equipped with Wi-Fi, a built-in SIM card and built-in USB connector. It lets parents keep track of their young children’s location at any time on their smartphone. The battery life is 48 hours that means you need to charge it frequently.

Reviews: Not sufficient reviews on Amazon as there are just a few, but all of these have appreciated the product.

Price: $179 and there is a monthly fee of $4.95 for GPS location tracker technology. It makes it a pricey product in the kids wearable tech products.


Though this does not fits precisely in the category but we can’t resist our temptation to add a smart toy in the kids wearable technology category.

The wearable tech product for children connects to a tablet app to download more missions and upgrade abilities. Children’s can decide the running, jumping, hiding and shooting targets with the help of sensors worn on arms.

Reviews: Not available

Sproutling baby monitor

Image Credit: tuvie.com
Image Credit: tuvie.com

The wearable product for baby comes in the high price range of $299, but the thing is why you would spend such a price. Kids are terrible communicators and it’s difficult to know what’s bothering them. Sproutling makes such things a bit predictable for you. It is one of the best wearable baby monitor products.

It comes with a wearable band product for your baby, a smart charger, and a mobile app to predict your baby’s optimal sleep condition.

How it works

The wearable band has a smart sensor that monitors the heart rate, skin temperature, motion and position. You can know whether your baby is sleeping soundly.


The smart sensor is encapsulated with medical grade silicon and is fully sealed. The wearable band is soft and washable. It has a wireless charging feature.


Reviews: Not Available

Weenect Kids

This is one of the finest application of wearable technology in the kids tracking device category. It has been designed to prevent disappearances. It works as a radio proximity system. The moment they breach the specified perimeter, parents are alarmed via an alarm.

It also tells in which direction it ran off. The device is also cheaper compared to other products in the list.

It has a 6cm water-resistant tracker and a protective pouch and a USB charger. It comes with one month of free tracking. The cost of 12 month top-up costs is reasonable 35 Euro. The Weenect Kids tracker also comes with an SOS button. It even has a one-week battery life which is pretty good.

When your child returns to safety zone, you also receive an alert. You can also setup unlimited zones such as home, school, park or grandparent.

FlashMe Sydney

This works on two principals. It does not send an alarm or SMS. First is that strangers are honest and second, whoever finds the child knows how to operate it. Many children don’t know their address and phone number. The price is dirt cheap.

How it works

When you enter the first name of your child and the contact person. When scanned the information appears on the display screen.


If you don’t want to purchase a pricy GPS tracker, this is for you. The online service works quite well with all smartphones and it does not require any extra device.

How it works

You just need to sign up with your valid UK address. You will receive a valid PIN dispatched to your home and you are ready to use it. Add friends to your list and tell them to accept the offer that their home is being tracked. Another good thing is that your daughter won’t crib that you are calling her every 30 minute.



This is one of the most sophisticated GPS-based tracking system in the market. But it’s also one of the most expensive. It has inbuilt accelerometer and gyro.


The Android/iOS app is cut above the rest. It comes with features such as real-time mapping, augmented reality for close proximity searches and geo-fencing and speed alerts.

Reviews: It has 22% customers giving 5 Star rating. But, it seems that users don’t understand its features properly and the number of reviews is also not large to reach any decisive conclusion.

Price: The price is $249 which includes a monthly data subscription of $5.


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