This Startup Provides Employment To Millions of Poor People In India, a job-portal for low-end workers, story has nothing less than a miracle. It works in the area where eastablished portals such as Naukri and Monster have shied away from going. In that sense, it’s doing a great job by solving a major problem of the unorganized sector. Started by a Microsoft Research veteran, wants Indians to take them out of poverty.

Image: team
Image: team

 “ is an ongoing experiment to accelerate the escape from poverty and create equal opportunity in developing countries,” says Sean Blagsvedt, 38, a northern Californian who is reverse-engineering the American Dream in Bangalore, India.

The company was launched in 2007 with the help of angel investors and it has more than 26 million job-seekers across India and it processes more than 150,000 applicants per month. Most of the new hires register 20% increase in the salary over past jobs with reduced commute time.

 “Job seekers want better-paying, fulfilling full-time jobs near their homes,” Blagsvedt says. It’s more a kind of social entrepreneurship. The idea to start came when he was trying to establish Microsoft research lab in Bangalore. He felt that strong network and early access  to information is a key to get good job. He thought to establish a job-portal as some sort of a village version of LinkedIn.

However, the challenge was also huge as a large number of people in more than a billion plus populated country don’t have access to internet. Illetracy is another major hindrance. However, they had their fair share of mistakes as well.

Initially, they were selling almost the same product like any other job portal.’s successful niche wasn’t apparent at first, Blagsvedt says. “Neither of these models solved the problems informal sector employers said they had.”

A couple of years ago it launched  RapidHire which is nothing less than a magic. Employers can post their jobs free and tell their screening criteria. In less than 30 minutes, many qualified candidates starts calling within nearby areas. uses an automated a real-time technology to allow people to connect so quickly. “We’ve found over 70% of employers buy within 24 hours of seeing the demo and over 60% hire within 20 days,” says Blagsvedt.  The company, though started from Bangalore will roll out in other cities.

Online marketplace has pertnered with Facebook to help small ventures. Globally, more than 45 million small businesses actively use Facebook Pages to connect to their consumers. However, more than 80 percent people are still out of the ambit so a lot of work is still needs to be done.


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