How Wearable Technology Will Change Your Life In Future

It’s always exciting to discuss how technology will change our future. The frequency of such types of debates and discussions have increased in recent times. The world is on the cusp of technological revolution when emerging technologies such as big data, internet of things, wearable technology and virtual reality… have started affecting our day to day life.

Interestingly, all of these technologies converge at some place. Wearable technology products are certainly the future of consumer technology products. Geekologists see a huge growth in this space. So what can we expect in future in the wearable technology space.


Obviously, we will see more fitbits, more smartwatches, more wearable bands and of course more kids tracker devices. They will invade our lives in a big way. They will affect the way we spend our morning, the way we gym, the way we shop, the way we travel and spend nightlife and the way we deal with our kids. Lets try to find out how they are going to affect the different pieces of life.

So when you will open your eyes at 8 am in the morning, your mother will know that you have completed 2 hours of light sleep and 4 hours of deep sleep and your heart rate was quite normal. After that you go for jogging and lose 1000 calories in 5000 steps.
You prepare for office now and en route to office, you know that how to avoid the traffic through streets based on the data obtained by wearable devices. This may sound a wearable utopia for many, but trust us—your days will not remain same again.

Changing your Morning

Wearables like Fitbit awake you from slumber through prolonged vibration; but these devices may become invisible or blend easily with your clothing. From Smart rings to smart clothings—wearables will become more difficult to spot. Companies like Samsung and Apple are reportedly working on such technology.

You have taken a resolution to bring your body in shape and your personal coach will be there on your wrist or on your arm. Some more sophisticated devices in the fitness tracker category will crowd the market place. These fitness trackers will become even more smarter and they will be based on biometric data. Their role as your personal fitness coach is bound to increase.

Changing healthcare

Wearable devices will change the healthcare. It will monitor your health on day to day basis. The increase in the medical grade wearables will be able to accurately monitor your medical condition from the comfort of your home. In the U.S, there has been a record number of filing of wearable devices in the office of Food and Drug Administration. Wearable devices like GlucoVista offers noninvasive glucose monitoring and there are relief bands to treat nausea. So your visit to waiting room is certainly going to be minimized.

Experts guess that wearable technologies can significantly drop hospital costs by as much as 16 per cent over the course of five years, according to a study by CDW research.

Wearables will make you, and your community even safer

Wearables are becoming a smart option for community safety. There are many wearable bands that sends alerts when you need help. The Taser company has launched a glass that has wide angle camera which records everything within 130 degree.
They will make you more productive.

No doubt wearable devices will have more feature to make you more productive. Products like MYLE will act like our assistant and will increase our personal productivity by 8.5 percent. You will be able to finish even more tasks with it.

It will change the way you see sports

This is the area where we will see humongous change. It will change the way we perceive sports as technology and sports will fuse further. Wearable devices with the use of high-quality sensors will gather data about every aspect of the player ranging from the fitness level to acceleration and many more things. Coaches will be able to know more about their players physical capacity and game strategy. It will make teams smarter. Players will know their body even more. It also may save a career or even a life on the way.”

Your weekends

If you think that you can get rid of wearable devices when you leave your city or country, think twice as Airlines like British Airways are adding more terminals for Apple Watch. There is a whole range of travel related apps that can work in conjunction with Apple Watch or Pebble Timearound. Companies like Thomas Cook is already having virtual visit of the locations in flight with the help of Samsung gear vr. Travel brochures will well and truly be a thing of the past thanks to virtual reality going mainstream.


Wearable technology will change your nightlife in a big way. They can exactly tell you what’s the limit of your drink.They are going to be one of the biggest trends in future. Your nightlife will be more powered by the internet and companies have realized a big business here. Then there are smart jewelry that will send you alerts and location- based information to make the journey safer.
Your bedtime

Wearable technology devices have only shown a glimpse of the possibilities of the sleep . Currently available jawbones and Fitbits will tell the how deep is the sleep. Such products such as Sproutling is already there in the kids tracker domain and technology will be more refined in future. There are many more products like Neuroon sleep mask, Rhythm Dreem and Nora Pillow insert that will stop the snoring of the partner.

There is a whole range of products in the sleep monitor categories, But they are not cheaper. For example, SleepImage is a small and oval-shaped disc that can easily b placed near chest . It effectively measures cardio-pulmonary rate.

Sleep Mask

There are products in the category that even products when you are likely to go into dream. This is based on electrical stimulation. An elastic band is placed around the head with electrodes embedded around it. We can even expect that we can share our dream diaries and compare it with others. Therefore, smart sleep analysis is the next frontier in the wearable tech science. Luciding has come up with one such product.

Final thoughts

Wearable technology is going to invade and affect every aspect of our life and our every data will be monitored and analyzed. There is no way you can escape it.


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