Do You Know What Ratan Tata Asked Kunal Bahl Jab They Met First Time?

What will be your feeling when your secretary tells you that Ratan Tata wants to meet you? Will not you hop off from your chair with the mixed feeling of surprise and joy. Kunal Bahal, the rock star of Indian startup story, felt the same when it happened to him.

He could not just believe it first. He even thought it’s dream. Very soon he realized that it’s no other than Mr. Ratan Tata who wants to meet him. He was speechless for a moment. All thoughts evaporated from the mind as if he had gone to transcendence. Soon he recollected his composure.


He watched all of Ratan Tata’s video to prepare himself thoroughly before meeting to the legendary investor. By doing so he was just trying to anticipate what kind of meeting it could be. After that he booked the very next flight to Mumbai.

“I was extremely nervous. And yet when I walked into his office, expecting a typical big businessman like awe-inspiring environment with a huge office and big chairs, he simply pulled his chair next to me and said, Your growth story is amazing, but how do you do your logistics? And those were his very first words to me!” said Bahal.

The question was very much expected as Ratan Tata has always been excited about solving the most complex problems in businesses during his business days.

Later, while explaining the reason behind investing in Snapdeal Ratan Tata explained, “After I retired, I saw a whole new digital world out there. It’s the marketplace in the palm. When you (Kunal) left my office, I decided I would invest in your company.”

Snapdeal was the first Indian e-commerce startups to catch the attention of Ratan Tata. However, it was the values and passion of Bahal which impressed the legendary businessman.


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