Want To Know Why Sachin Bansal Feels Lonely?

Flipkart, unarguably the best known face of Indian e-commerce startups, has inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs in India. Sachin Bansal, the self-anointed executive chairman of the company feels, “the journey of an entrepreneur is quite complex which is very lonely and difficult to understand.” He said this during the Surge conference in Bangalore.

Image Credit: Financial Express
Image Credit: Financial Express

It’s more like an exploratory picture quite similar to that of Mars mission. People did not know what lies in store on the tough terrain.

“As we started exploring the gold mine, it got bigger and bigger,” Said Sachin explaining the meteoric growth of Flipkart from an online book selling company. “and sometimes in order to zoom out you need to leave out minor details.”

About building right team

“Binny and I were very clear from the beginning that we don’t know much except writing code for a large-scale distributor system,” said Sachin.

Emphasizing about the importance of building a good team, he said that he focused a lot on hiring only right people. They understood it quickly that not having the right people can make or break the business. That’s the precise reason It became the most successful Indian startup story.

He said that positive opinion does not excite him now and he no more believed in the positive press. “However, at the same time we don’t want to be unapproachable. As when you become unapproachable, you stop getting feedback.”So he along with Binny always try to remain approachable.

About loneliness at top

He feels that when you are at top, it’s difficult to detach from micromanagement. In a company like Flipkart where you have extraordinary people leading everywhere, you are actually lonely at the top.

[Tweet ““Nobody can relate to what a founder goes through in the ups and downs of a business. But that’s how it should be.””]

It pushes you beyond your boundaries and helps you grow and that’ why he is so successful.


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