Sony PlayStation Review: It’s Amazing But Needs To Rectify Flaws

Sony PlayStation VR has forayed in the world of virtual reality and it seems promising. Another thing is that it’s less pricey than its rivals Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Though it’s not perfect, but raises the hope of first high-end mass level virtual reality headset. Most of the headsets cost around $1600-1800 including the cost of high-end PC and controller.


Sony PlayStation VR is different in the sense that it does not need PC to operate and –the entire bundle comes in $500. You can operate it from standard PlayStation 4. So how is the experience with it you may ask—it’s amazing but needs improvement in certain areas. However, it can be the first mass level VR headset.
The experience

Sony PlayStation VR is bit heavy but not uncomfortable. After sometime you are accustomed to it and in fact it’s the easiest to wear headset. You can stretch out the headset band to fit around your head. The system is much better than Oculus rift and HTC. There is another button in the front that helps you move the actual display portion of the headset.

Image Credit: Sony Playstation VR
Image Credit: Sony Playstation VR


This makes it easier for viewers to enjoy VR wearing lenses. You can conveniently track your head movement –which is difficult in HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR gear. Sony PlayStation camera senses your motion with the help of 9 large blue lights.

Compared to HTC Vive, Sony PVSR restricts your experience a bit as camera still tracks the headset, but moves often moves too far. HTC Vive on the other hand has two tracking stations. The PVSR camera and system has often trouble picking movements as while facing the camera, PVSR motion controllers are extremely accurate. The move controllers are quite good to give you amazing VR experience. However, the resolution of the headset is bit low compared to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


Image Credit: Sony Playstation VR

Many experts who were a bit sceptical about Sony PlayStation capability to pull of a decent VR experience are now sure that it can be a dark horse in the VR headset market. It has the potential and capability to compete with its rivals.

First, there’s only one necessary plug needed between headset and console. The Vive has an entire melange of cords and ports needed to get to gaming and the Rift requires at least a USB cord and HDMI cable (bundled together to snake out of the headset to the PC). Let’s hope PS VR continues to limit things to that one cord.

The pros of the Sony PVSR VR are that it has a very good selection of games and is comfortable. Though many of the games are not of that quality as that of Oculus and Vive , but it certainly offers many varieties for every age.

Tracking in the PVSR gear VR is not of very high quality and the HD display is certainly inferior to Oculus Rift, but Sony, given its technological prowess, will certainly iron out these differences before coming in market. However, the overall experience with the Sony PlayStation VR is incredible and can have truly a mass appeal headset.


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