Soulkeeper VR Game Demo Review: It’s The Best VR Game So Far

VR gaming is an integral part of the virtual reality experience. A bad game can really kill the whole mood if it lacks the detail of good graphics quality. The success of VR headsets will really depend on the quality of games and that’s why VR companies are investing a lot on games.


The game must have a touch of reality in order to succeed in the VR zone. The SoulKeeper is one such game in the HTC Vive that is incredibly real. There are other good quality games such as Valkyrie and Elite, but none of them reach the level of SoulKeeper.

The characters of the game and the overall visual environment make it a world class game. There is a character in the game Isoropes from the Lavordian tribe. The player has to resurrect an artefact with his sword skills.

Then there is a Mardonian temple, a rival order or an evil. Disclosing other details won’t be a good thing as it will destroy the interest.

The level of the quality of details such as lighting and texture is simply amazing and the VR environment is really powerful.

Spellcasting is the biggest selling point of the game: you have to choose between a fireball, a flamethrower, ice crystal, and an exploding vortex ball. However, the hit detection is not that great.

Soulkeeper VR game has been developed by HTC Vive by HELM Systems and it is slated to release in the late 2016 release. Therefore you can expect some further improvements and new twists in the game to excite their Vive users.


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