Huawei Launched Its Own VR Gear, But It’s A Shameless Copied Version Of Samsung’s VR

If your memory is not short, Samsung has often been accused of lifting Apple’s ideas. Now the time has reversed 180 degree, other companies are lifting or you can say that they are getting inspired from Samsung. Huawei has almost cloned Samsung VR headset. The name of the headset is Huawei VR. The similarity does not end here, like Samsung it will also run on Huawei smartphones Mate 8, P9 and P9+.

Image Credit: Engadget
Image Credit: Engadget

Huawei Gear VR contains a touchpad on its right side. The lenses are adjustable and have blue light filter to decrease the stress on eyes. However, the resolution of the VR gear is considerably lower than that of Samsung Gear VR. It has 1080p resolution compared to QuadHD of Samsung.

Image Credit: Engadget
Image Credit: Engadget

It claims that Huawei is the first mobile VR gear that supports a 3D sound on headphone. But the claim looks more confusing than promising.

The functioning of the Huawei VR headsets completely resembles to that of Samsung. You just need to open the front cover, secure the phone , and then snap the cover back on. It also has a touch panel , a back button and volume keys that works as an interface with the VR app. Those who wear specs can’t wear the Huawei VR gear.

The Huawei VR has a 95-degree field of view and has latency of 20ms. The Huawei VR headset can be connected to P9 phone through USB-C cable and it gives a similar experience to 130-inch TV. Huawei will have more than 4,000 free movies, 40 free games, 350 panoramic images and 150 panoramic tours.

The war to capture the mobile VR gear will become even more intense after the launch of the Huawei VR gear. However, it would be interesting to see how the clone gives fight to original. Though pricing is not very clear, but it should be close to Samsung Gear VR.


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