GoPro Omni Launches A 360 Degree VR Camera

The virtual reality market is going to be crowded and the life of Samsung, Facebook and Huawei  is certainly not going to be easy. GoPro has entered into fray as a new player in the VR market. The company has announced to unveil its VR camera in this week in Las Vegas.


GoPro Omni is of cube shaped rig with six Hero4camera. It explains, “ that makes all six cameras operate as one.”

When video footage from all six cameras are stitched together, a 360 degree VR videos are created. It has six camera, rig, memory card, Kolor editing software and the price is $4,999.

The Omni holds 6 GoPro Hero4 cameras in all  and offers a cheaper alternative to professional filmmakers  who had no option but to buy  £42,000 Nokia OZO camera.

GoPro VR can be purchased from web or through mobile app, according to company. All of the content can be viewed through a normal VR headset such as Google cardboard.

Because of its price and advanced features, it seems to be a dominant player in the market . So it will have a chance to fill the gap as it can make virtual reality videos quality much better.

GoPro has a potential to make a solid foot print and can capture the imagination of a whole new breed of professional film makers.

The Verge wrote:

“The release of an official — and more accessible — GoPro VR rig could be a big help for the emergence of 360-degree video. Already there are a number of sub-$1,000 cameras that consumers can buy to start shooting, but their video quality is usually quite poor.”

The VR content production is going to be really big in the future and it will move to mass market from niche market. So media technology companies are trying hard to capture that market. So, there are VR headset devices  such as Oculus Rift VR, Samsung VR gear and HTC Vive, but there are not many devices to capture the VR. GoPro has certainly a potential.


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