Why Allumette Is The Most Powerful VR Story

Allumette is nostalgic for everybody. This is about lessons passed from one generation to other through storytelling. These stories create a different world altogether. Now virtual reality will enhance the excitement by animated storytelling. You will have a 360 degree vision of everything.


You just need to watch for 5 minutes, and you will go in a different world altogether. There are animated train setups floating at 360 degree—and there is a complex world woven by tiny stop motion characters that will thrill you.

The story is about a mother and daughter who reach a floating island. Though, you will not be a participant in the story, but merely watching what’s happening in the city. The wordless story really captivates you. Everything in the story is computer generated, but 3-D models manage to look sculpted and organic, real and you will feel emotions.

Allumette has certainly taken the art of VR storytelling at a new level. The VR story has been created by Penrose studio.

“One of the things that we always have to remember to do is almost be child-like again,” Chung, the creator of the film, explained. “Try to forget that we know so much about an existing medium — which is film, or video games — and say, ‘Let’s approach this from square one.’

The characters and other elements of the story just compel you to move your head here and there as the story progresses. Since there are no dialogues in the story, you have to take a cue from the expressions of cartoon characters.

But this is not a shortcoming. You are attached to the story as this is the story of a tragedy and growth. Chung has put his own personal experience into it.
“One of the key threads of my life has been the sacrifices of my mother,” he said. “Throughout my life she did so much to support us and made so many sacrifices to give us the kind of life that she never had. That always has stuck with me.” So without making any fuss, Allumette tells a story that our parents pass with us. .

The head mounted device gives you a sense of dimension, realism, and dynamic perspective. You see a protagonist and characters everywhere and also a Venice inspired city in clouds. You will have X-Ray vision.

Allumette, in fact, puts you in a world which you want last forever. It’s partly because it’s nicely crafted and well visualized.

“It adds so much to what we call ‘presence,’ which in many ways is the holy grail of virtual reality. How do we move and think in this medium? Allumette is about thinking natively in virtual reality.” says Chung, who is also writer of Allumette and the CEO of Penrose studios.

Feel excited to enjoy the experience, Allumette will be available later this year for all positional-tracking headsets—the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and also for upcoming Sony PlayStation VR. It will soon be available for smartphone supported device.


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