How This Young Man Created A World Class Digital Marketing Company In 5 Years

When you meet him, you can feel the warmness and his passion. In a short span of 5 years, he along with his co-founder Jaspreet Singh, has created a firm whose name is taken respectfully even by his competitors.

His famous one liner is: “We don’t serve clients, we marry them and take care of them as partners for life.” This has been a major reason behind the success of his firm. Started as a regular zero –cost blog, SEO Corporation is now a serious multi-million dollar business.

The challenges

The life of Vishal Vivek has been like a typical entrepreneur, full of a roller-coaster ride. Though startup is a fancy name these days, it was not the case always. Starting a company was something completely unknown to his family. The time when a youngster starts nurturing future dreams, he found himself catapulted to a position as a sole breadwinner of the 9-member -family when his father was bed-ridden due to Alzheimer. Bearing responsibilities in the early life only made him stronger to weather the vagaries of the business world.

Vishal Vivek SEO Corporation
Not only that, he has not only to support his family but has also to fight three court-cases related to pension. Often, he had no clue about how the food will come in the evening as he has no money in the pocket. One can really imagine the plight of a teenager in such a scenario. However, it only made him stronger.

The big twist

The biggest twist in the plot came when he got a job in IBM in the year 2011. However, he soon realized that doing a job is not his cup of tea. He left it only after two months. With the salary, however, he bought a computer and started a digital marketing company without having a clue about the industry.

However, the worst was about to come. Within 4 months, his father expired leaving him completely devastated. “It was really a testing time and he did not have even money to return to hometown to see the last face of his father. ”

“Drop me from a parachute anywhere and I will start a business there.”

All of these twists and turns of his life made him only stronger in his life. It also changed his perception about the life. It turned him to a stronger man. According to conventional norms, he was supposed to work in a company, gain experience, and then he should have done something on his own.

He got his first client after six months and since then he never looked back. In the first year, the company turnover was just 1 lakh, but next year it reached 5 million INR. Though, he is hesitant to share his current revenue, but it’s something close to 40 million INR.  His company has clients from everywhere in the world except Antarctica.

Business model

Though, SEO Corporation started as a digital marketing firm, but SEO is just a part of the business mix. The focus shifted to mobile application development, analytics, and web applications.
He believes that IoT, mobility, and mobile payment will be the main driver of IT in the future. He hinted about PAYMAA, a mobile payment platform that has the potential to transform the way payment is being done in the country. It will make the payment process completely hassle-free. However, he refused to divulge details about the company.

His focus is on creating a 1000 million INR company in the next few years. He is confident about setting up offices in USA and Australia. He is confident about it. “Drop me from parachute anywhere in the world and I will create a business there.”


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  1. Vivek , u r really gem of a person .A hardworking,passionate man.U hv set an example for many youngsters .

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