10 Best Oculus Rift Games That You Must Enjoy

The wait is finally going to be over as the Oculus Rift has started shipping the headsets. Now it’s just the matter of time when you will have it at your home to try your hands. So you must be excited about the super exciting Rift games. There are almost 30 Oculus Rift VR games that you can try now.

For start, this is not a bad number at all and many more will surely join the list. You can access these games via Oculus Home app or can download them with VR support from Steam. Let’s talk about some of the best Oculus Rift games :

Best Oculus Rift Games#1 EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Pack

EVE: Valkyrie

There is a good chance that you will get EVE: Valkyrie bundled for free with per-ordered headsets. The game was announced in the August 2015 and it seems that it has come after long time. In this game, you can choose among three types of space ships: Fighter, Heavy and Support.

It’s a multi-player space dog fighting game. You will like it if you have been a star wars fan. Survival is, on the other hand, a trickier game, you will enjoy when enemy ship will just come looping around you and spin around 360 degree.

Best Oculus Rift Games#2 Adrift: Be An Astronaut

Adrift can help you realize your childhood dream of being an astronaut. It is a fantastic, but highly unpredictable game. The game environment is set in disaster struck space station. Your biggest challenge will be to deal with gravity. Even a simple body movement can derail your project. You will have to sometimes smash your body against wall and sometimes you will juggle because of oxygen cylinder will run out.

The game is very close to reality as it emulates the real environment of space. One of the first things astronauts have to deal with is that Space Adaptation Syndrome— which is a type of motion sickness. While playing Adrift, you will have a similar kind of feeling especially when you are new to the VR environment. Though it takes some strange technological leaps, but  depicts spacewalking to a great extent.

It’s very close to movie Gravity. You will have to work on a space station which has been destroyed by a cosmic event. Often you will have to navigate through debris. You will  face much more nasty challenges.

Best Oculus Rift Games # 3 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This is a great multiplayer game with just single headset. A single person is trapped in a room with time bomb ticking, everybody has to read instructions to defuse it and you have to help VR headset wearing player to achieve this objective. Everytime there is a different time bomb. The game has been developed by Steel Crate Games and has been on Steam with VR support for quite sometime.

Best Oculus Rift Games # 4 Chronos

Anybody who has watched Chronos can say that it’s certainly one of the most enormous virtual reality game released so far. The game has borrowed a lot of elements from Dark Souls. It’s a game where you constantly hack and slash between futuristic reality and candlelit world of trolls. The game has a simple sword combos, and you can upgrade weapons as the game progresses. Everytime you die, your character ages by a year or so. Chronos, in the nutshell, possesses a playful creepiness which you will certainly enjoy

Best Oculus Rift Games # 5 Darknet

One of the oldest VR games, Darknet is also among the best. And if it’s not the best, but certainly the most intelligent game. It tells you to capture data nodes by solving puzzles. The new Oculus Rift version offers a smoother experience. It’s because of the position tracking camera. See what redditors are saying.

Best Oculus Rift Games#6 Pin Ball FX2 VR

Don’t go by the name, the game will really bowl you out. You will find in a room full of tables and things like real space ships and fish will keep floating near you. It’s extremely realistic virtual 3D pinball experience.

Best Oculus Rift Games#7 Edge of Nowhere

The game has been released by Insomniac studio. This is a third-person adventure title that feels you traveling in the far reaches of Antarctic mountain and you are part of a missing expedition team. You will find yourself with an explorer exploring a deep unknown and surreal world.

If you feel yourself horror-proof, you should try this out. We are sure going will not be that easy as you think. “We do things to make them uncomfortable on purpose,” Insomniac Chief Creative Officer Brian Hastings said of game. “It’s a different experience.”

The left stick guides you in the mission. With a button, your explorer is enabled to leap gaps. In the game, it’s your head position that decides the camera action and not the right stick.

So be ready to face tentacle and quadruped monsters jumping here and there around your dogcart. And we will tell nothing about the final surreal touch.

Best Oculus Games#8 Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is one of the best games in the native VR environment. From huge fighter vessels to light fighters—it has everything to regale a gamer. It is one of the best Star Wars games. The fights are quite intense and absorbing and you will enjoy the thrill of dog fighting. The experience of flying in the planet’s ring system will mesmerize you. The feeling of ships is very much realistic.

Make sure you use a quality headphone; it will double up your excitement. Elite: Dangerous is one such game that you will love playing for a long time. However, the transition from virtual world to real world can be difficult.

Best Oculus Rift Games #9 Spirited Away: The Boiler Room

This virtual reality Nick Pittom’s game will give you a feeling of other world’s surreal experience. You will experience tiny soot sprites dancing back and forth around you. It gives you a true feeling of Miyazaki’s films.

Best Oculus Rift Games # 10 Solar System Explorer

Solar System Explorer VR

Space and solar system has always captured human interests because of its sheer  appeal. However, only a selected few are actually fortunate enough to experience it. Solar System Explorer provides you an unforgettable cosmic experience. It has been done in the real scale so you get the actual feel of distances between planets. You can hover on the rings of Saturn, land on Mars, fly along with Jupiter in its orbit.


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