Hitman Go Review: It’s Exciting VR Game, But You Will Be Exhausted

Have you ever wondered about the life of an assassin? How they plan their move and kill their targets despite being surrounded by a host of security guards. Doesn’t it all look fascinating? If you feel you don’t have that guts, don’t worry—just try out Hitman Go series game. The popular game series has come on the VR platforms of both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Himan Go

The Hitman Go became instantly popular when it was launched in 2014 for mobiles and tablets. It is mainly a turn –based strategy game set in a series of carefully crafted rendered diorams. Now the mobile experience has been transferred to virtual reality which gives a lot more authenticity and a new perspective.

The game involves option goals such as collecting a briefcase without killing anybody and you will find strange twists during the course of 90 stages of the game. At last, you will be throwing stones and trapping doors to distract the attention of guards. Though the security guards look more like handcrafted, but the ecosystem of the game is lot more interesting.

All of the experience seems more realistic in the VR game as you feel like you are part of the whole ecosystems and physical objects look much more real. The level of experience in the Hitman series is already very high, and it’s much more amplified in the VR set up.

Gear VR allows you to rotate the levels while you are holding the touchpad and turning the head, you can also zoom in and out. This way you can spot the tiny details and that’s the way you get the strategic standpoint of different plots.

The game, however, has a problem as constantly rotating your head and pushing your neck in and out for a long time is really tiring and tedious.

Hitman Go is a great intuitive virtual reality game and it possess really impressive details. Even tiny details in the game have been captured really well. The camera controls a major part of the movement in the game. The VR game operates like a console and mobile counterpart. It’s a turn based strategy game with the target of killing all enemies on the board. The difficulty level increases with every passing level and you will feel it frustrating about how to knockdown your enemies.

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Obviously, VR has own advantages as you can improvise certain functionalities such as you can rotate the board or set better angles.

One of the producers of the game Thomas Valmorin said, “the team ran into quite a few problems just trying to get the game to work correctly on VR devices. We wanted to keep the concept abstract, which is what Hitman GO has been so far.”

The studio had first decided to add some VR elements, but later it thought to stick to its turf so that the essence and the spirit of the game is continued.

Though, Hitman Go VR is not the best virtual reality game, but it’s certainly a good table top game. Other tabletop games like Dragon Front, AirMech Command, and Defence Grid 2 show that these types of games do have potential.


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