Eve: Valkyrie Now Offers Better Experience To Players

EVE: Valkyrie is one of the best games titles of Oculus Rift and people have liked it much. Anybody who has played the game has accepted its fast pace and the thrill of the game. However, this does not mean it’s perfect as there has been a concern about the overall balance and end game progression. CCP, the game developer company has released the biggest patch to address these biggest concerns in the game. This is reflective of the mindset of the company that it really cares about the longevity and perception of the game.

Eve ValkyrieThe studio, on May 11th, has released the largest patch for the game so far. Andrew Willans, Lead Designer on Eve Valkyrie, says, “There’s no particular reason behind the patch, other than our ongoing commitment to improve the game. This is one of the benefits of running EVE: Valkyrie as a ‘game as a service.’ We’ve gotten a lot of valuable feedback from our players and that helps us prioritize what to fix, improve, and which new features to add.”

The patch is about the issues related to progression. It was consuming a lot more time earlier to unlock other classes of ship. “We want players to gain access to the Heavy and Support classes sooner to give them more tactical options in combat,” explained Willians. “So, as part of these revisions we removed the crafting costs for the base ships in each class and lowered the XP required to gain access to them. These changes are also complemented by our removal of rental costs for the Launch Tubes.”

So you will expect to get different type of ships sooner in the game. Getting better joystic support was another big issue. It was essential for players who wanted to remap their controls for their requirements.

Vessels and ships are one of the biggest attractions in this game; now you will be able to see them in a more detail. Apart from that, the new result screen displays ships and pilots of the top scoring players from each team.

Now, you can also browse the list of players in the same level of details. Players can also compare ship stats in game. Just visit the hanger and select the compare link. You can see the comparisons among your current ships and other ships. Inviting other players in your session has also become a lot easier. You can invite even those players who are not in your friend list.

These changes does not demean the soul of the game in any way and after the patch, both new players and old players will find it easy to strike a better balance. “We will continue to improve features which help our new players to become ace pilots as quickly as possible. Player onboarding is incredibly important and our goal has always been to provide an experience that is immediately fun and intuitive. Competence in minutes, mastery in months.”


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