CXC Simulations’ MotionPro II Now Has Rift Support

Simulations are one of the hottest area of VR game studios are trying to explore. CXC simulations is a leading company in this field. It has been known for its quality simulations in the racing and fighting genres. Motion Pro II has been a roaring success. Now, you can feel the same experience in the VR environment.

It feels you are sitting actually sitting in the car’s cockpit. The company has announced to support  the Oculus Rift into that mighty bundle of hardware.


“The combination of the Motion Pro II and Oculus Rift creates the most powerful racing experience yet,” said Chris Considine, CEO of CXC Simulations. “Oculus Rift is the perfect companion to the feedback and experience provided by the hardware and software. Whether you’re a pro or not, this is the new standard.”

Now there is no requirement for three screen display to get a 180 degree view. Apart from that, new features like custom wiring harness and mount has been added to the system.

The Oculus Rift option is compatible with any of CXC’s display arrangements, and is seamlessly integrated into the simulator with a custom wiring harness and mount. It can also be added to existing Motion Pro II simulators.

This is a full-motion Kart using Oculus Rift DK1 CXC Simulations has constructed a full-motion kart racing simulator using the Oculus Rift DK1. The Motion Pro II is strictly for professional and experienced gamers.

It costs a staggering $49,000, with Racer and Pro models comes in $60,775 and $73,625 respectively, so it’s way out of pocket for most of users. The immersive experience, however, is unmatched.


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