Can The Sword Of Art Become A VR Reality?

Playing a truly fictional game has been a long standing fantasy of gamers. They have always aspired to play game like the Sword Art Online anime series for a long time. In the game, the characters wear a headset very similar to VR gear, but they use it differently. They tap into brain and mentally transport your consciousness altogether. It all sounds funny and strange.

Badai Namco, who is currently handling the video game adaptation of the Sword Art Online, has already a line of games ready on this popular anime. These games are similar to traditional multiplayer games like la Monster Hunter or Phantasy Start online. However, these are not VR games genre at all.

The Sword of Art

This may, however, change if the recent interview of Yosuke Futami with Silicon Era is any indication. He has given a strong indication of the possibility of a VR adaptation. He says:

“VR is a popular topic right now and we are thinking that this is something we definitely have to do something with for Sword Art Online. However, this will be quite challenging and we’d like to take things step by step. It may take us a couple of years in order to realize it but VR technology is going to be implemented in the future and they’ll be VR exclusive titles too so we are researching into those games and looking into their positive parts and then we’ll decide how to implement those technologies in order to make a Sword Art Online VR game so we’ll happily look forward to making a Sword Art Online VR game in the future.

I’ve had to chance to try a VR game where I could swing a sword using a VR system but at that time it was not really synchronized so I could feel some awkwardness with it right now. I didn’t feel totally synchronized in the VR world yet however of course, year after year, I’m sure this awkwardness will be removed so I’m ready to wait for the technology to improve and so I can take that technology and bring it into a Sword Art Online game.”

This does not mean that there is any project being developed underway, but it clearly reflects that the company is aware about the potential and opportunities in the VR sphere. So down the road, Sword Art Online can have VR adaptation.


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