Here Is The Reason Why Oculus Rift Is Expanding The UK Team

Outside the United States, Oculus Rift VR is expanding its team in the UK. It’s one of the most crucial part of the overall strategy of growing its presence in the European region. During the last six month, 8 new members have joined the London team. With this, the strength of the team in London has reached to 12.

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The virtual reality headset maker has advertised a position of experienced Product Design Lead. The candidate will be responsible for the development and design of the next generation of VR platform. The work involves designing, researching, prototyping, and implementing features for incremental changes as well as future iterations of the product.

The team will be responsible for the growth of the Oculus Rift platform in the European region. The development work will include adding the feature such as Oculus Home store. Prospective candidate requires the knowledge of Android mobile and Gear VR.

Mike LeBeau, a senior software engineer at Google, has recently joined Oculus this year, and he is heading up the UK operation. He said: “We’re going to build some really cool stuff.” According to a Telegraph report, “The progress and potential for virtual reality technology right now is just bananas,” he added. “Oculus is right at the center of it and I’m super excited to dive in and work with this amazing team of people!”

An expanded Oculus team in London will allow the company to grow the area of influence which is very much required considering the ambitious plan of Google’s newly-announced Daydream mobile platform. Oculus, as of now, has offices in the six US cities, and satellite offices in Hong Kong and Seoul.

How the company plans to stay ahead on the platform front will be one of VR’s most interesting stories going forward.


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