Yes You Can Steal The Oculus Games!

Few days ago, Oculus has released a software update for Rift in order to curb piracy, but it has the opposite effect. In April, a developer had launched a software update that allowed HTC Vive owners to run Oculus games on their headsets.


Libre VR described the whole process to Motherboard. With the new process, created in response to DRM, the owner level verification is bypassed. It makes it difficult to understand for Oculus whether the person playing the game is the owner of Oculus or not.

 “This is my first success at bypassing the DRM, I really didn’t want to go down that path,” the developer explained in a Reddit post over the weekend. “I still do not support piracy, do not use this library for pirated copies.”


The intention of the Libre VR is to work with the Oculus Rift legitimately. Because if the company continues to push back without offering any solutions of its own, VR enthusiasts are going to keep fighting.

In posts on Reddit and GitHub, first spotted by Motherboard, Revive developer LibreVR said that his intention is not to promote piracy and stealing games. “I really didn’t want to go down this path, but I feel there is no other way,” wrote LibreVR. “



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