Please Don’t Touch Anything Is Good, But You Will Be Frustrated

What’s the best temptation in the childhood? Doing something which has been strictly prohibited by the adults. ‘Please Don’t Touch Anything’ is always tempted to do that task. It’s a puzzle game released from BulkyPix as a new VR adaptation of the year-old 2D title. It has been specifically built for 3D for Oculus Rift and Gear VR headsets. PDTA offers the most engaging button pushing simulator game in VR.

It was initially developed for PC games by indie studio, Escalation Studios with Four Quarters. The gamespace is not wide and its ecosystem is confined in a small room.
It’s seems simple, but actually it is not. Someone has gone in a bathroom and he says—he will be back soon. What will you do?

You will wait on chair and follow the instruction: don’t touch anything –especially a dangerous looking red button on the table. Will you push it or wait for the person to come out of the bathroom?

The game progresses through experiment, succeed, scream, laugh, and reset. The results can be from pop culture reference to truly disturbing and frightening events.
The game has more than 20 more puzzles to solve and trophies that even threaten the human existence by nuking the world.

The brilliance of the game lies in the fact that what is your goal? You just keep doing things and it will lead you to somewhere. Sometimes you will love it and sometimes hate it. You may feel genius and the very next moment you will be frustrated. Finding each of the endings can be sometimes simple, sometimes challenging, and sometimes mind blindingly obscure. It has a strong sense of humor and ability to make you nervous.

The VR adaptation of the game is very similar to that of the actual game, you will not find the freshness if you have played it before. You will be hunting out for clues with black light and other complex maze of puzzles. If you have played the 2D game and expect the same solution, you may have to scratch your head

Don’t Touch Anything is on the Oculus Rift and it truly offers a VR experience. Puzzle solution are sometimes very obscure and frustrating.


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