Women Hide Her Six Dead Infants In a Locker, Her Husband Said He had No Idea Of Pregnancy

Winnipeg—20 July: Jeremy Giesbrecht, the husband of a Winnipeg Women accused of hiding her six dead infants in a storage locker has pretended a complete ignorance of the activity of her wife.


“You have no idea why you would not know your wife was pregnant on those occasions?” asked Crown attorney Debbie Buors. His answer was “No,”

His wife Andrea Giesbrecht was arrested in October 2014 after the remains of the infants were found in the U-Haul storage locker that she has rented. All of the remains were near full term.

Some of the remains were completely decomposed. The motive of the crime is still unclear.
Giesbrent, 42, had various legal abortions since 1994—which were testified by her husband. He was also aware of a few miscarriages.

Her friend Liezl Collins testified that Giesbrecht had rented a storage locker for several years. Liezl Collins said she tried to help Giesbrecht move whaever it was in the storage locker. “We offered help. Of course,” Collins testified. “She just did it herself.”

The defense lawyer Greg Brodsky put an argument that suggested that Giesbrecht may have a medical issue that stopped her from carrying a baby for a full term. He also referenced a medical record that pointed towards a recurring menstrual disorder.

“Do you know whether it has anything to do with the ability to deliver a live child?” Brodsky asked Gayle Martens, the executive director of Manitoba’s medicare payment system for physicians.

The records would not contain that level of detail, Martens replied.


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