A Wearable Thermometer Will Track Your Child’s Fever

Your child has a fever, and you don’t have enough time to monitor the temperature fluctuation of the body. Fever Scot, an innovative wearable technology product launched by VivaLnk and New Deal Design promises to change the situation. It continuously monitors the body temperature and sends the temperature reading to your smartphone.

Image Credit: VivaLnk
Image Credit: VivaLnk

The Fever Scout is a soft wearable thermometer that continuously monitors the temperature of whatever it is stuck on, then sends the information wirelessly to your smartphone. You can check the temperature even at midnight just by looking at your phone screen.

“Until now, monitoring your kid’s temperature has been clumsy and awkward,” says the promotional video, “poking things in their ears, sticking things under their tongues, or even dragging things across their foreheads.”


The best thing about the Fever Scout is that it does not look like a generic medical device and actually look cool. The size is not bigger than a sticking plaster, and it looks like a sticking plastic toy.

The product is made up of Silicone and polyurethane to ensure a soft and flexible feel on the skin. The connectivity range is about 8 meters.

How it works

Fever Scout is a rechargeable device that sticks to torso and keeps sending a continuous stream of temperature data to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can also set a temperature alert if the temperature reaches too high.

VivaLnk’s CEO, Jiang Li shares his own experience of monitoring his son’s fever. “When I saw that I could address my son’s fever as it happened, it gave me comfort and peace of mind. As parents, we value our kids’ health, Fever Scout is a great tool when illness sets in.” The only problem with this product is that it’s so small and handy that it can be lost in the quilt.

For now it’s only compatible with iPhones and iPads, but the Android compatibility will be possible by 2016. The product is a fine example of what the combo of wearable technology and internet of things can do in technology. These can solve the most vexed problems in health tracking.

Battery back up
Each pack comes with a rechargeable Lithium Battery Device battery that can last up to over a week once charged.

How the wearable tech and internet of things are changing the health scenario

New Deal is a pioneer wearable technology company that has also created the famous health tracker app FitBit and a baby-sized ankle bracelet that streams various kind of data, such as child’s heart rate and skin temperature. It can also predict when your child is expected to wake up and what will be their mood.

Price and shipment

The product is priced at $59 and you can pre-order now. It will be shipped new year. However, it’s much more cheaper than another product Fever Smart which serves the similar purpose, but comes in $129.

Market size and growth potential

The market size of wearable health trackers, according to a rough estimate, is expected to reach $3 billion by 2019 and the share of electronic temperature monitoring system will share $800 million.

Considering the huge potential, many more products are expected to hit market in future. But surely, Viva Lnk has certainly taken a giant step in the direction as the market is not cluttered right now.


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