Audioshield Game Review: It’s Good,But Flawed Game

Though, VR does not have cult classic games, but the joy of technology is certainly there. The launch titles are impressive on all popular headsets whether it’s HTC Vive,  Oculus Rift or Sony Playstation VR. These titles have new flavors and they are not predictable.

HTC Vive, in particular, has many good games such as Tilt Brush, Space Pirate Trainer, but many people are of the view Audioshield as the most exciting game. It is one of those games, that takes music from your PC and creates gameplay that perfectly synchronizes with your favorite track. It’s difficult to anticipate what is coming next.

This is also a nice departure from the usual space fighter or any other adventure game.
The basic thought behind the game is very simple; you just need to load a favorite song on your PC and the game generates a bunch of neon paint blob asteroids. You can hit blue notes with one hand, orange notes with other hand or you can try to block the purple notes with both hands.

The idea of playing games with virtual reality seems the next logical step as the likes of Guitar Hero or Rock Band has already done that. In this regard, Audioshield has taken a cue from Audiosurf.

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Users have pointed out that they have loaded hundreds of games, but there is no issue so far with with the gameplay generation quality. It is like a cross between two ideas as you wait until the new note comes towards you and you punch them with your shield. It’s a fun way to experience your favorite music.

There is no pre-fixed soundtrack and the game breaks the music down into different isolated beats. Slower songs have the beats gently glide towards you. Higher notes, on the other hand, flow towards you fast. You play the game with two Vive controllers. The complication with the game is choosing the different sizes and shapes of shield. The motion tracking in the game is almost accurate and the track generation is quite fast. The lovers of Audiosurf will certainly love this game.

Songs are nicely interpreted in the game, but some games are not very smooth to play. You will witness occasional glitches. Menu system is another problem. You will often need to take the headset off to start a new song. And this is quite annoying. It often seems repetitive and half baked.
One of the biggest problems with the game is that it does not have the same absorbing power compared to its predecessor Audiosurf. The game developer studio is Dylan Fitterer and the price is $19.99. This is just a good game and nothing else.


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