Beware Of Your TV And Fridge, They Can Spy On You

Very soon intelligence officers will have a new mole and it’s not human. Your own smart fridge or television can be used for surveillance against you. James Clapper, US director of national intelligence, says, “In the future, intelligence services might use the [internet of things] for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials.” This will be one of the biggest espionage threat by countries brought about by IoT.


Huge range of devices such as cars have a sufficient number of hardwares that can be used to listen to your voice. Smarter your home is, easier it will be for intelligence officers to crack its security code. They can track what you are talking, doing, when you are in or out—practically they will have your every information. There is, in fact, a huge scope of manipulation in the Internet of Things technlogy.

Baby monitors and other household video cameras

It has been often found that your sleep monitor has been hacked and they are tracking your every movement. It’s not a bug but a secret feature put by company to spy on you. Often private companies do it under pressure of enforcement agencies. It’s not an imagination. Google-owned Nest’s security video hardware, Nest Cam, promises to record 30 days of video to cloud and get it analyzed

Smart TVs

Smart televisions can be easily used for the espionage person. Their voice-recognition software regularly sends commands to a home server where they are processed. There microphones are always on which can catch your voice and send to enforcement agencies. There can be myriad of disturbing features for people.


Last year Vtech episode exposed the personal data of 6.4 million kids. The incident was a grim reminder of security-related vulneberalities. Security researchers at Rapid7 looked at both and found that they were easy to compromise on company databases, and in the case of the watch, use to locate the wearer.

Beware of your car

What if there is a voice capturing device put in the emergency response system to find out what you are talking. The possibility is also there by using rear-view video and GPS are more common.

Why it’s a serious threat

The remarks made by Clapper’s about the use of internet of things as a spy tool can’t be ignored as he is country’s top most spy chief. Though, potential for using technology to spy on people has existed for long, but the threat has increased manifold after the explosion of Iot enabled devices.


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