Crytek Jumps In The Battle Of The Engine Of Choice

Crysis games makers have released the source code for the development of the CRYENGINE development toolset for free through Github. The latest version of engine has been launched in the game developers conference. It had also announced that the company would be giving it on the basis of ‘Pay What You Want’ basis including the option of free download.

The Climb Virtual Reality game
Image: The Climb VR game

VR rates high on the priority list of CRYENGINE. Winter games simulator like SNOW has opted the engine to implement Oculus Rift. The choice of engine also depends on the audience they cater. Unity is now being used by many small Indie studios.

Unreal Engine, on the other hand, has the support of a larger number of larger and smaller Indie studios. CRYENGINE is not much popular, but it is trying to get support from indie studios.

The capacity of CRYENGINE in VR is clear from The Climb whose stunning visuals have been developed in-house at Crytek. It has extremely beautiful graphics.
“Each environment has different visual touches and Easter eggs to keep an eye out for, and they make you feel even more in touch with the simple delight of moving higher and higher up these very large rocks.”

The trend is that as video game development engines advance, they become more open. Unreal Engine 4 is a great example. When developers earn profit, they share it with them after they cross a certain threshold limit.


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