Funomena Is Making ‘Woorld’—An Augmented Reality Game For Project Tango

So we can now soon see an augmented reality game, Keita Takahashi, the developer of a weird ball-rolling game Katamary Damacy, is developing a game. However, this augmented reality game is not for Xbox One or PS4. You will be able to enjoy it on a Project Tango compatible device.


An announcement in this regard has been made at the blog of Funomena. The game is named Woorld. It’s a game that will mix the physical and digital world to create a different experience.

Project Tango device is capable of tracking position with precision and accuracy. You should, however, should not expect a space fighter or adventurous game. This will be a fun sandbox game that will appeal to all ages.

The company, in an official statement, says, “This game uses technology from Google called Project Tango. Funomenauts including Keita, Vu, Ryan and Brandi have joined forces to create a silly, simple and wonderful Woorld.”

With the window of a supported handheld device, a player can explore, discover, and create digital objects that can be placed in the physical space. You can experience this project with your friends and family into a shared screen. Woorld raises the possibility of magical experience with the amalgamation of VR and AR technologies. So you can see delightful characters doing funny things in your own living room.


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