Google Launches Android Camera App For 360 Degree Virtual Reality Pictures

The world of immersive experience is certainly going toe be great and exciting in future. Everyday market is being flooded with the new VR product. Few days ago, Samsung Gear VR had surprised the market, but now it’s Google’s turn to do the same—albeit with a different type of immersive experience.

It has launched a new photography app for Android which enables you to take 360 degree virtual reality photo with your smartphone. With this product, Google is giving you a new way to look your photos with a virtual reality viewer.

The cardboard camera can click panoramic view, which is then recreated into 3D image that can be viewed inside a Cardboard viewer.

The app allows you to take amazing photos with depth and sound. You just have to hold your phone and move it in a circle, and the app does the rest of the job.

Another advantage of the cardboard camera is that it works well with the Google Street View VR. You can add your 3D locations to Google maps.

It’s currently available on android platform, but will soon be available in the iOS platform as well. When the VR market is going to be hotter next year with the upcoming launch of PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, and the Oculus Rift, Google still loves its affordable virtual reality headset.

With Google Cardboard, it has now become possible to take amazing pictures which gives a feeling of going back in time.

These VR pictures are three dimensional panoramas which offers different visual experience for different eye. Near things look near and far things looks far. Apart from that, you can explore image in all direction.

What are the limitations?

One crucial feature that’s missing is –you cannot share the images. You will have to handover Google Cardboard to your friend if you want them to enjoy it. It’s a major handicap now. We expect that Google will soon add the much needed share button. Another disadvantage is that it can’t be accessed from other VR platforms.

“You can sort of say it’s a ‘common man’ VR,” opines  Brian Blau, an analyst with research firm Gartner. The reason is simple: It does not deliver the same high-quality VR experience which is expected from a VR device.

He further says: “You could say that exposing people to this sort of lower quality may somehow give people the wrong impression of what [virtual reality].”

As WIRED magazine, a reputed technology news portal, reports—the app has been developed by mixing computational photography and computer vision without using a special camera. But, it looks promising and you will be held to notice it.


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