His Dream To Get A Flat With Bollywood Stars Shattered, He Took Revenge By Building India’s Most Innovative Startup

Advitiya Sharma, a co-founder from Housing.com, one of the most hyped startups in India, has decided to leave the company. The decision came after a series of controversies surrounding the company. With him, three co-founders including the CEO Rahul Yadav, so far have left the company.


The company first started as a rental search platform which offered everything from youth hostels, paying guest accommodation to plots and flats. It was first such housing platform that pioneered the mobile map technology.

The purpose behind the startup was to solve the real estate related problems faced by the people. The sector is plagued with the immense amount of corruption, lack of transparency and dominance of mafioso. Housing.com tried to change all that.

In the final year of graduation in IIT Mumbai, Advitiya Sharma had a real dose of Mumbai. He started looking for an apartment. He saw an ad for a 3 BHK flat in just 15,000 INR per month in the Bandra locality. He could not believe that he could have an opportunity to live on the street where top Bollywood stars.

Soon he called the broker,however, he was disappointed to know that the flat was already rented. Broker informed him that he has more such flats available for rent. When Advitiya went to see the actual flat, he found it completely different from what was promised to him.

It was a cramped flat with no natural light. These were very expensive as well. However, when he discussed the problem with others, everybody had some story to tell.

“This seemed like a big problem worth solving,” he said. He with bunch of his friends decided to solve this problem and thus, the idea of Housing was born.

They started knocking door-after-door in the vacant flats having a DSLR camera on his shoulder. He had nasty surprises on his way. Some house owners even slammed their doors on the back. People told him crazy.

Now, Housing is listing 4000 properties a day. The biggest advantage was that it all had genuine photos and details. It was first to allow a virtual tour of the house and an Android app.

In 2013, Housing.com raced ahead of another real estate portal Makaan. The third funding it received from the Nexus ventures was used to build a data science lab to analyze the humongous amount data.

It also added many new features such as heat maps, demand flux maps, lifestyle ratings, locality insights, a child friendliness index, and many other tools.

When Housing was started, Advitiya and his friend had barely imagined the scale at which Housing is now. They did not even know how to register a company.


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