How to Select a Perfect Smartwatch

Planning to buy a smartwatch to gift for your fiancé?

Great idea! She will certainly like it. But have you ever given a thought that how will you select the right product as the smartwatch market is fast getting crowded—and you will have a tough time making a right choice.


The perfect smartwatch should work effortlessly and should offer the right mix of feature—and it should not make things complex for a normal user like you. Many devices are designed keeping in mind certain type of people, so they won’t serve your purpose. Here we will give you a definitive factor to consider while spending your cash.

Choose the right device

The biggest problem with smartwatches is that they have been designed as an accessory of smartphones and it places a huge constraint on the choice. The Apple Watch works well only with the iPhone; the Samsung smartwatches run with its own Tizen OS. Though, the new Gear S2 is compatible with a majority of Android handsets.

If you think that all Android wear watches are equally reach in feature, you are wrong. There is a big difference in the features to be accessed from watch to watch. Very few smartwatches , such as Vector Luna are compatible with other Android applications.

What apps it can run

Look what kind of apps are available in the smartwatch. Though, most of them are paired to smartphones, but they also contain apps that enables you to enjoy its core features. For example: Apple has 8500 compatible apps in its store. Samsung’s Tizen has sufficiently large app base of more than 1000 apps. Though Pebble watch also has good number of apps, but it lacks the quality and variety of Apple and Samsung.

Get the right mix of features

There are some smartwatches that have good display features. If you choose a fantastic display, it will take the toll on the battery longevity. If battery back up is a big concern for you, be ready to sacrifice the screen quality.

Pebble smartwatch, Garmin Vivoactive and Vector Luna don’t have amazing display, but they have longer battery life. Apple Watch has razor sharp visuals, but be ready to recharge it on every two days.

Some smartwatches look more like a watch and it’s only later you know that they have other features such as calls and emails.

Some smartwatches such as Garmin Vivoactive are aimed as a fitness device and many of its features may not be useful for you at all.


It’s another important feature to consider. The Sony SmartWatch 3 and the Moto 360 Sport are only smartwatches that support the GPS connectivity, so they can actually track the running status. But Apple Watch can also measure this, but you will have to carry iPhone as well. Pebble can measure steps and distance travelled, but not as accurately as Apple Watch.

Customize it

If style is important for you, go for Vector Luna, Pebble Time and LG Watch Urbane. Smartwatches like Tag Heuer and Fossile have taken a smartwatch aesthetics at a whole new level. Also check if they have standard fitting or have good strap feature.

Moto 360 Sport offers some of the best customization features. But you need to beware of Apple watch which comes in impressive line of straps, but they are costly.

Other features

You can also look for other features such as dustproofing and waterproofing if you are travel junkie and enjoy scuba diving.


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