How To Root Your Lenovo A390 Smartphone

Are you a Lenovo A390 user and looking to root your device? We have described below a step by step guide that will help you achieve this objective. Just follow our instructions as mentioned in the post.


• Find out some time to research about the rooting process if you are not well aware of the process.

• Make sure that your device is fully charged so that the rooting process goes smooth.

• Enable the USB debugging mode for that go to Developer options > USB debugging

• Tap on the build number of the device in the about section for seven times if you don’t find the Developer Options in the setting.

• Find out a laptop or PC and proper drivers. You can download the drivers here.

• Take the proper backup of all of the data in your device.

• Now download the root kingo app as it is needed in the rooting process. Here is the link of root Kingo Root Kingo.

• Never use this process for any other device.

• This process is for educational purpose only and our team will not be held responsible for any damage or data loss caused to your phone during or after the process.

How To Do The Root Process

• Install and run the root kingo app on your laptop or PC and once it opens up, connect it with your phone with the help of a USB cable.

• When the root kingo detects your phone, click the Root button and the rooting process starts.

• Make sure that the rooting process is not disrupted.

• Now press the Finish button, disconnect the phone from the USB and reboot your phone.

Congratulations, your device is now rooted. You can now enjoy its enhanced feature.


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