If You Don’t Believe in Internet of Things, Try Out These Top 5 Products

Connected devices are future. Modern day gadgets are simple dumb as they can do just one thing. How will your life change will be difficult to anticipate now when machine will interact with another machine. Some say it will increase the threat of data security. The perception seems a bit genuine as data security will certainly an issue.

However, many people still don’t trust in the power of machine to machine interaction, and the simple reason is that they don’t know how the world is changing fast around. The internet will affect almost every device around you—and not just the pc, laptop, smartphones, and tablets. It will drive your home. It will also fuel the development of wearable technology.

Your refrigerator, showers, smoke alarms, doorbells, ovens, car, bed and many other gadgets will be dictated by internet. If you don’t know about it, here is the list of top 5 internet of things products.

Sugr Cube: Smart wifi speaker


Sugr Cube

The Sugr Cube is a portable Wi-Fi-enabled speaker that plays tunes from various sources. Since the speaker uses Wi-Fi, it gives a better connection than bluetooth. It has a volume dial and a micro USB port around  and a gesture control feature—but all of these feature can be handled through mobile app.

June: Intelligent oven

Image Credit:cnet.com
Image Credit:cnet.com

No doubt June is more intelligent than the existing ovens. It’s a connected oven that helps you bake,toast,roast,broil, and even slow cooking. June has an interior camera and a processor. These features help appliance recognize the food and recommend the appropriate setting automatically. And the best part is that you can watch it being coked through a live stream on iPhone which is possible through built-in Wi-Fi. What else more you want.

Solu: Smallest general-purpose computer

Image Credit:iotlist.com
Image Credit:iotlist.com

Solu gives you a glimpse on how a cloud-connected computer can work. You don’t need to worry about harddrive, file backup, and installing software. There is just a generic looking screen which is internet connected and it serves multiple purpose. It truly reflects the power of internet of things.

Apple TV: Apps and voice control


Apple tv has gained  a huge popularity since its launch. The latest version has app store for connected TVs and voice control—which can be done via Siri.

Keen Home: Smart vent


Keen Home manages your room temperature and provides a new dimension to home energy management. It works as an intuitive regulator. Keen has an advance temperature and pressure sensors and it works in the real time.


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