Now There Is an App That Converts Your Refrigerator to Air conditioner

Do you know what is the last dream of the Internet of Things? The answer is pretty simple: it wants to make every object around you to talk with each other.

Great.Then, what’s the problem?

These so called intelligent looking objects are, in reality, dumb and idiot. Most of these gadgets or devices around us can do only task at a time. For example, the refrigerator can keep your vegetables fresh, but it can’t tell the light bulb to brighten or dim according to your personal preferences.

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A light bulb is a light bulb, it can’t interact with the music system; a toaster is just a toaster and nothing else. They can do just one thing, they are not multi-tasker. The internet of Things technology is actually trying to make them multi-tasker.


Seems exciting!

But a research in the MIT lab can change all that. Scientists in the MIT’s Fluid Interfaces Lab have devised an app that allows you to link the devices around you with each other. And you don’t have to be a tech-wizard for that. You can achieve this just by connecting a few dots with each other.

Let’s understand it in detail. Suppose you want your bedroom air conditioner to chill out your room before you return home from office. A reality Editor app will make it possible.
It gives you an option to connect the air conditioner with the smart refrigerator through a virtual circuitry—which will enable it to guide the AC to chill out the room before you enter the room.

Another example is if you want to add a feature of a timer into your bulb, just take some feature from the timer and add it to your car with the help of the reality editor app.
No doubt, smart refrigerators are not in the market, but it will be a reality in future.

Valentin Heun’s, connected with this development says, “It really works, and you can download it now. It uses fingerprint-like codes that sort of look like Pentagram’s new identity for the MIT Media Lab to identify smart objects when viewed within the app.”

His hope is that it will be ultimately possible to mix the functionality of these dumb objects through the augmented reality app.

How the Reality Editor Functions

It runs on an open sourced platform called Open Hybrid system that learns the various parts and functionalities of a given object and can also add some of the functionality of one object to another.


It will be very easy to use. Just point the camera of your smartphone towards and object whose features you want to borrow, then drag a virtual line from this object to the desired object and create the new relationship between these objects.

The problem is that adding a lot of functionality in a physical object will cost a lot of money and it will also cost a huge amount of money. Reality editor hopes to solve this problem to a larger extent. The aim of the app is to change the functionality of objects around you.


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