Know How These 10 Home Automation Devices Will Change Your Homes

Your home will no longer remain the same. It’s changing faster than you can imagine. Internet of things is changing the scenario fast. Here are top 10 home automation products that will strengthen your belief.

Ring doorbell

Image Credit: IoT News Network
Image Credit: IoT News Network

Imagine a courier boy comes at your door, and you instantly receive an SMS while you are sitting in your desk. It will not just ring, but also notify you of arriving guest and deliveries. There is also high definition wide-angled camera that has smart motion detection. So you feel like always being at home.

Not only that, the built-in motion sensors detect any undesirable activity outside your home and sends immediate mobile alerts.

Your personal smoke guard

Image Credit: SmartAlert
Image Credit: SmartAlert

So you have gone for a party and are unmindful of rising CO or Carbon Monoxide level in your home. If something is not okay, the sensor will send an immediate message directly on your phone. It can also tell you about your home temperature and humidity.

The device is of circular shape having a led bulb behind it. When smoke detector goes off, the device reads it and it immediately pings on your smartphone which means it’s time to inform the fire department. What is most impressive is that you don’t actually need to connect this with the smoke detector.

It’s not bed, but smart bed

Internet of things will now control your sleep. Now you can have a mattress cover that not only warms your bed, but also track your sleep and wakes you up. The cover has been designed and developed by the Luna cover. So you can finally say a goodbye to groggy morning. it gives a true meaning to a digital home.

Image Credit: Luna
Image Credit: Luna

Smart watering controller

Image Credit:
Image Credit:

Forget about wasting irrigation water. Now, you can programme your right watering schedule for your lawn.

Now a responsive bulb to light up your home

A responsive light bulb that automatically adjust the right level of light according to requirement and adjust it’s color temperature.


An aircondition that understands you better

Imagine making a weekly or monthly cooling schedule for your AC on your computer, optimizes air temperature and quality apart from sending alerts. Do you expect more. It acts according the user behavior.


Control your room temperature with Google


The feature is pretty simple to use, you just have to dictate command through Google: Change the temperature of my nest to 78”. And the rest is done by Google. The product has been brought by the SMART-THERMOSTAT which was acquired by Google.

Control your home


You don’t need to deal with the different facets of home. You can purchase a bundle of basic switch , motion sensor, light led bulbs, crockpot, coffee maker and each of them can be controlled through app. The product has been launched by WeMo.

The $80 box is capable of connecting the mundane items to internet—from water heaters,bulbs,coffee makers to sprinklers.

An intelligent and amusing shower

So take a shower while listening to music which is attached to it. The Moxie has launched a showerhead with a detectable 1.5 Watt bluetooth speaker. The only problem is you have to change battery periodically.


Be relaxed about home security

Now a product that informs you about any abnormal activity in your room. It learns normal patterns for such things as temperature and noise level when people are at home and can send you alarms. You can even configure alerts to multiple users. The product has been launched by Canary.

Energy aware technology Neurio

Finally there is a product that uses Wi-Fi-enabled sensors inside your home’s electrical panel to monitor the power use, segregates activities by device, and informs you when you leave your oven burning. Neuro knows every thing about you from when you go to bed and leave home.

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