Know What Deepinder Goel Told On Comparing The Zomato Logo To Sperm

Food ordering and restaurant review website Zomato has become a success to reckon with. It has started nurturing ambitions. Much hyped Indian startup entered in the U.S. market last year.


It acquired Urbanspoon in an undisclosed deal in the country. This is a broader strategy of the company to become the Google of food search.

Zomato also changed its logo to attract U.S. audience. The changed logo looked like a spoon. While explaining the rational he told,“it’s also the most painful for us – the cost and effort of changing our logo everywhere across the world is humongous.”

However, it did not go down well with Reddit users, a famous social bookmarking site. One of the Reddit users showed his disdain. Here is what he said:

“What’s with the logo changes? The newer ones suck. The original Z was quite good. I know you clarified but still, the recent one looks like a sperm: /”

Deepinder’s reply also surprised the user. “Nobody has ever seen a sperm in real life :)” he said.
In the same thread when asked about the acquisition of Tinyowl on which he replied: “Tinyowl – don’t like the name,”

Now it’s turn to Tinyowl folks to answer him suitably. We are still waiting.


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