Know Why Luckey Palmer Hates This Feature

Luckey Palmer has made it clear that Oculus Rift VR will never add “PTSD” to add a horror experience. He was answering to questions from enthusiasts on the PC Master Race subreddit. “we are strongly discouraging developers from using jump scares. They are such a cheap way to get a reaction in VR.”

He further said during the discussion in the thread, “when you visit the store page for a game, we can load a 360-degree capture of a scene from the game, which gives you a much better sense of the game than a normal screenshot or video.”

Oculus Rift VR will be quite comfortable for those people wearing glasses too. The company will add a specifically designed facial interface for this purpose.

It’s to be noted that Luckey was subject to serious criticism after giving a price shock to people who were planning to buy the oculus Rift VR headset. They now feel disappointed as the price has been fixed $599, which is much higher than its earlier announced price of $350.

It angered people and they took Luckey Palmer in the line of fire on various social media forums. The intense reaction forced him to apologize for messing up on pricing strategy. But he tweeted that the kind of VR experience Oculus will provide was not possible to give in $350.

A billionaire, who shares his house with six people, also informed people that he was working on a new PC without heatsinks and fan and it will be super-powerful.


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