Microsoft Leaks Details Of HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens has already won the hearts of millions of tech lovers, but the finer details of the augmented reality headset (AR headset) has not been revealed. Whatever has come out certainly seems promising. Company has kept its features a secret so far.


However, some information about HoloLens has leaked recently during a recent event in Tel Aviv by a Bruce Harris, a technical evangelists.

Image Credit: Microsot HoloLens official website

The battery life is of 5-5.5 hours while working on MS Office suit and about 2-2.5 in highly computational work which involves.

HoloLens does not become warm because it has system to dissipate heat and there is no wire option for connectivity.
HoloLens can be connected with anything via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a 3D audio and a FOV (Field of view) feature.

The product is ready to be shipped to public from March of this year and the price is $3000 for developers version.


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