Misfit Launched Another Fitness Tracker ‘Misfit Flash’

Misfit, one of the most popular fitness tracker company, has launched another sleek looking fitness tracker, Misfit Flash just before the end of the year. This is a cyclist edition which is even more biker friendly.

Image Credit: Wall Street Journal
Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

You can wear it on shoe and works well in conduction with Strava, MapMyRide, Wahoo, and iBiker.

Image Credit: Finder.au
Image Credit: Finder.au

There is also a new cyclist app which collects data on RPM, distance, and speed. For that, it harnesses the power of GPS. The flash cyclist edition is available in $50 which is quite affordable.

It can count the calories burnt, steps taken, distance travelled and the quality of the sleep. With this you can always challenge yourself. With this product it has tried to balance between fashion and fitness.


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