Steven Speilberg Ready To Join VR bandwagon

Virtual reality bug has finally bitten the ace filmmaker Steven Speilberg. He is working on a project named “solely for VR.” With virtual reality company VRC.

Robert Stromberg, the founder of the company told, “It is about getting other filmmakers interested of course, from the independent level to getting major players involved as well… I can say here, my company – VRC –we’re working with, for instance, Steven Spielberg on a project that’s solely for VR.”

Image Crdit: thevirtual reality company
Image Crdit: thevirtual reality company

Speilberg is set to direct Ready Player One, a film with VR as its centre. It might be expected that he will dabble into virtual reality in the near future.

VR has shown a lot of promise as a next level entertainment experience and filmmakers have rushed to join the bandwagon. Big names such as Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott of The Martian fame can take it to the next level.

“The potential of virtual reality is truly limitless. The technology keeps shocking me. We launched the virtual reality company to bring together the world’s greatest storytellers and artists to create amazing experiences for vr. I see several incredible concert halls being built, so we’re writing new symphonies.” says Stromberg of The Martian fame.

Speilberg has defined the whole new genre of science movies in the decades of 70s and 80s. The development shows that virtual reality technology is not just confined to virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift VR


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