Tag Heuer Connected Review: It Fails to Connect

World’s one of the most aspiration watch brand finally launched its Android wear smartwatch. This is another proof that wearable technology is not just a hype, but a real thing.

Before reading this article, rest assured that it’s not an affordable smartwatch. You will have to cough up big money to own this aspirational brand.

The price of Tag Heuer smartwatch is $1500 –which is five times more than the Moto 360, and double to that of Huawei watch.


Image Credit: Wareble.com
Image Credit: Wareble.com

Without doubt, it has a great design. It looks like a genuine Tag Heuer mechanical watch. It’s amazingly comfortable as if you have not wore a watch at all. It’s ultra light. On this parameter it ‘s far ahead of the other existing smartwatches.


It has black, carbide –coated titanium bezel. However, the strap is made up of rubber. It all looks sleek.


Image Credit:Wareble.com
Image Credit:Wareble.com

It’s one area where it lacks from its rivals, such as Apple Smartwatch and even Moto 360. The display holds well even in the bright lights and in the low power state.

If you think that you are going to buy Tag Heuer and everything should be the best; you will be disappointed. It does not the best Android display available in the market. The face of Tag watch is the best. The second hand and the design of an ubiquitous array of dials.

Digital features

The debutante version possesses many features, such as quality navigation feature, emoji messaging, and compatibility with iPhone. However, iPhone compatibility is limited. There is a live notification count feature. Like Moto 360, it does a decent job of providing a lot of widgets.


It’s the first Android wear watch powered by dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Atom Z34XX CPU. Intel hardware also does a fantastic job. It gives a seamless OS experience and touchscreen responsiveness.

The Tag Heuer Connected is fully compatible with Android wear. It has a Wi-Fi, Blutooth, and a microphone feature. It’s got  4GB of storage and 1GB of RAM which is failrly good.

Battery power

It scores full mark on this metrics. The  410mAh battery runs for 26 hours continuously.  It does not take much time in charging.

Tag Heuer Connected vs Apple Watch

It’s very difficult to compare the phone from other available smartwatches in the market. The reason is: It’s entirely a different stuff altogether.

The feel of the device is very different from Huawei or LG smartwatches. No doubt, the construction material, OS, and other features are there, but It gives you more a feeling of a Tag Heuer watch than a smartwatch.

It does not give you a feeling of a smartwatch—that you get from the Apple Watch, the luxury range from Cupertino. It makes a direct connection. But Tag Heuer smartwatch fails to make that instant connect.

Final verdict

It seems more a mechanical Tag Heuer watch—and the smartwatch features seems as a bonus.  But, it’s digital features are its biggest weakness.   However, it has incorporated style and fashion into a wearable technology. It’s Android features are more a work in progress.

There are watches, and then there is Tag Heuer. If you are a big Tag Heuer fan, go and buy it. It’s more for ego gratification. However, it certainly does not make a sense to cough up $1500 for its wearable features.


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