Why Oculus Rift VR Is So Costly?

The suspense and debate on the price of Oculus Rift has become over as buying the Oculus Rift VR will be much more costly that you would have expected. It will come in the price tag of $599 which is much more higher than the expected range of $350. Your dream to experience a first rate immersive experience will cost a lot more.

Why is the cost so high?

Lucky Palmer, no doubt, has messed up with the consumer’s expectations when it comes to pricing. However, the company has tried to defend the price tag of $599 as it was not possible for them to provide this level of virtual reality experience at a lower price tag.

Image Credit: Oculus Rift website
Image Credit: Oculus Rift website

“It really boils down to getting the quality we needed for our consumer VR product. We really think that the Rift we’re shipping is basically the bare minimum that’s required to make a device that delivers presence, that anyone can use comfortably,” says Lucky Palmer, the founder of the Oculus Rift to a chat with International Business Times during CES 2016, “There would’ve been no way to drop the cost without significantly reducing quality, and think about the mainstream: Most people don’t own a PC that is powerful enough to run the Rift. A PC to run it is roughly a thousand dollars.”

Image Credit: Oculus Rift
Image Credit: Oculus Rift

He further tweeted to settle the dust over the price, “He later took to Twitter, saying: “High end VR is expensive, but Rift is obscenely cheap for what it is”.”

Why there is so much uproar?

There was so much hue and cry in the Reddit community and other online social media forums as Lucky had initially indicated the price to be something around $350; but he actually settled with a much higher price.
The virtual reality headsets transports people to a computer generated world, but the big question is that our people ready to settle with such a high price tag.

Members of the Oculus Rift Reddit community( a social media platform like Quora) have expressed their displeasure over the higher price tag. They, in general are of the view that it would have been much better if the company would have kept its mouth shut.


“VR is pretty bleeding edge to me. It’s a type of input we’ve long been striving to accomplish, and this is a serious attempt at furthering that. As a feat of engineering, it is pretty up there. That being said, I’m waiting for the Vive and then waiting to see how they compete because of the sort of things you said.” says a Reddit member.

Final thoughts

After reading so many debates one that attracted my attention is an article on theverge.com which has an interesting conclusion: “Ultimately, the reality of virtual reality is simple, dull, and a little predictable. The price is a middle-of-the-road first step toward an audacious future, a future that hinges on many other headsets from a half-dozen companies, software from hundreds of developers, and applications that haven’t even been imagined yet.”

The thing to understand is that like any other industry it will have various products at different price points and it will foster a healthy competition.


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