Don’t Look Down: The Climb Offers Jaw-Dropping VR Experience

Crytek has confirmed that it will release its Oculus exclusive virtual reality game The Climb will release soon. So it’s a good news for all those lucky users who have Rift delivered in time. The price of this game is $49.99.

The Climb Virtual Reality game
Image: Crytek

It’s a nerve wrecking rock-climbing game in which players need to conquer dangerous cliffs. You will face the fear of vertigo during the game.

The Climb supports the Xbox gamepad which is now part of the Oculus Rift. The touch-positioned –tracked controllers have been added post launch after a hue and cry of fans on the Facebook.

Though, the company Crytek was of the view that The Climb still “feels great” with an Xbox One controller.
The Climb is the first major release for the virtual reality platform. It’s a first-person adventure game. Another game Robinson: The Journey is scheduled to release for Sony PlayStation VR.

The Climb Virtual Reality Game
Image: The Climb

Oculus has recently released an impressive set of games such as the Edge of Nowhere. Insomniac has also announced to launch two new titles in Feral Rites and The Unspoken. Then there is a Rock Band VR from Harmonix is slated to entertain virtual reality lovers.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Game: How good is The Climb

The Climb is a testimony of the graphics powerhouse Crytek. This is the same company that has released first-person franchises Ryse and Crysis. The game offers a no-frills competitive experience.

During the whole game, you will keep struggling how to avoid falling and you will have a lot of moments of exhilaration and fear. Crytek has used an ingenious control mechanics.

Initially, it used head to direct both perspective as well as it would also act as your virtual hand. It was because the Oculus Touch was not there.

The Climb features the most iconic destinations in the world. The company has tried to create almost fictional replica of these places and every location has its own challenges.

Every location has three different levels of difficulty and players will have But every location with have three different difficulty tiers that involve branching pathways for player choice and different ways to approach the same challenge.

The price of The Climb is on the higher side as company believes that it provides an unmatched VR experience. But it’s worth The Climb. During the game, your heart will pounce many times. The experience is really unique and something had not experienced before.


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