These People Drink Human Blood To Treat Their Headache

In most major cities around the world, communities of ordinary people – nurses, bar staff, secretaries – are drinking human blood on a regular basis. The question is, why?


John Edgar Browning, a researcher in Louisiana state University, is working on a strange project. He is researching on communities in New Orleans that drink human blood, a form of real -life vampire communities. They are like any other human except having this strange penchant for hot red blood. Some of them are even involved in charity and aid work.

There is no way you can identify these modern day vampires. Strangely though many of these routine blood-drinkers don’t at all believe in paranormal things and also many of them don’t know about Count Dracula. Instead, they do it to treat fatigue, headache and excruciating stomach pain.

“There are thousands of people doing this in just the US alone, and I don’t think it’s a coincidence, and I don’t think it’s a fad,” says Browning. They believe that blood-consumption relieves them of these symptoms.
Vampirism in real life is considered a taboo and has been associated notorious cases such as the gruesome murder of Rod Ferrell in the US. “So the community has been closed and suspicious of outsiders.” It was not the case always. In the past drinking blood was considered as a bonafide medical cure. It was even used to treat epilepsy.

These groups maintain a very secretive ways and operate underground. You may think whatever you wish, but vampirism is not associated with the reasons professed in Anne Harris fictional novels. These blood-feeding communities constitute government employees, bar staffs and nurses. They, contrary to popular perception, don’t hangout in graveyards.

A 13- 14 years old, accepted to Browning that after consuming blood he felt more vitality in body. He initially considered it a psychological state of mind. He stopped taking blood and to his surprise symptoms resurfaced.

Studying the mental state and behavior of such people can be an interesting case study. Most of these people don’t think that it’s abnormal at all. “Society took time to accept that gay people are normal like us. May be some day we, too, will be considered normal. It’s just that we have a mere unconventional choice of nutrient.” He may be right but the day does not seem to come in sight.

Just because we don’t yet understand their experiences, doesn’t mean we should scorn them or dismiss them out of hand, he argues. The vampire identity is, after all, a way for some people to cope with mysterious and debilitating feelings. “What’s happening to them is real. We don’t understand what it is, and they don’t understand what it is – but they are doing their best to deal with it.”
(Source: BBC Future)


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