This Is Why Insomniac Has Decided To Dabble With VR

For many years, Insomniac, a game developer company, focused mainly on game development. All that seems to change now. The company has announced to make two new game titles for Oculus Rift VR.  According to official news report, Oculus studio will publish The Unspoken , a player vs. player game and Feral Rights which is a third person game.

Both of these games will be released in the end of 2016. The Unspoken is about urban magicians fight club around Chicago.

However, this is a surprising move by Insomniac as it has almost traversed in a linear path in the last decade. The studio has mainly be creating games for PlayStation and has given extremely popular games such as Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance: Fall of Man.


The studio has also released a couple of games for mobile games as well and the variety of games has been really impressive—from adventure to family games. And over a period, it has provided content to all top names Sony, Microsoft and EA.

 Now this famous game company has decided to bet on virtual reality.  For CEO Ted Price the move is more like an experiment, “We were really enamored by the chance to get in early and develop an expertise in a field ahead of many of our peers who are maybe holding back and waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

Insomniac has made the move because it realized that the industry is fast moving from PC and gaming consoles.

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“When we were making the transition to PlayStation 3, that was when mobile and Facebook were starting to grow really fast, and that sent ripples throughout the more traditional industry,” says Price.

They feel that the future of traditional game development is going to be over. It forced company to start experimenting.


Outernauts was first experimental game as it was a colorful browser based game and the experiments did not stop there. In the year 2013, it released third-person shooter The Fuse and one year later, it released  Grand Theft.

Experiments are still continued as Insomniac is now working on three title for Oculus Rift including these two games.

“When we were early in our careers at Insomniac, we were much smaller, and we were an even more nimble, but less experienced, team,” he says, “And we wanted in some ways to bring back that small team feel, for some of the studio.”

So the company is now putting considerable resources on virtual reality. Interestingly, that all of these three games are of different nature, though The Unspoken is certainly the most exciting game and it has been developed keeping in mind Oculus Touch Controllers.

Dabbling in different genres is good, but it also puts a bigger question: What is the USP of Insomniac game? Every studio has different USP, but it’s difficult to tell the same about Insomniac.

However, the company is not shying away to take risk despite the fact that the initial consumer base for virtual reality is low.

“When you see the support that VR is getting, not just in games, but across other areas from companies like Facebook, it’s hard not to predict a future where VR becomes important culturally.” he says.


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