This Startup Has Strange Problem, It’s Employees Are Indulged In Sex In Office

Startups have to deal with many problems; sex is certainly not an issue with them. Zenfits, the $4.5 billion company, may have to grapple with compliance related issues because of lecherous behaviour of its employees. The HR team has really a tough time handling the debauched office culture.

Image Credit: Zenfits CEO David Sacks
Image Credit: Zenfits CEO David Sacks

The problem went out of the head and HR department had to send a note to its employees in San Francisco requesting their employees not to indulge in sex in the office stairwells. Yes, you read that right. Do not use the stairwells to smoke, drink, eat, or have sex.”

It sheds lights on the unruly behaviour of much hyped startup funded by millions in private venture.
“Our culture and tone have been inappropriate for a highly regulated company,” David Sacks, Zenefits’ newly named CEO, said at the time in an email to employees. Zenefits overall party culture has been perceived to be responsible for such situation.

Extensive partying and outing has been part of the culture of Zenefits. They have also been sharing the images of these outings on Instagram with the unfortunate hashtag #FriendsWithZenefits.

Facing loss of brand image, the HR team banned alcohol in the office. “Although it is very common for startups in Silicon Valley to permit and stock these beverages I believe it’s time for a different policy,” Sacks wrote in an email to staff. “We will find other ways for employees to socialize and have fun.”

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Many employees, as expected, are not happy with HR dictates. The level of debauchery is quite common in the Silicon Valley startups. However, it may have crossed all limits in Zenfits.

Many fast-growing startups in order to attract employees with lavish parties and fully stock bars and outings as a perk. Facebook, during the initial days, have often been accused of having “frat house” culture.

One former Google employee even recently wrote about a book about a search engine company full of young, ambitious employees having sex and drugs with each other.

Companies might be encouraging this during the earlier stage, but the culture becomes a headache once the company matures. Zenfit’s CEO has made it apparently clear that the company should be ready to embrace new corporate values. It’s trying hard to ensure that company does not fail on compliance requirements.

Employees in Indian startups would certainly be envious!


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