Google Cardboard Imitates The Human Ear To Provide A Better Aaudio Experience

Google Cardboard will now use a more smart audio technology that will take into account both user’s movement of head and sound’s location. It is expected to improve the virtual reality experience to a great extent. The news has been announced in the Google developers blog.


Why this is important? No doubt many apps create different versions of spatial audio. They create sound from left to right. However, the new Cardboard app produces the sound the way human ears wear a sound.

This new development makes it possible for developers to generate a different kind of location specific auditory experience. For example: A voice coming from well and cave will have subdued effect.

Google Cardboard is a smartphone powered virtual reality VR and it is the biggest limitation. This development will help it provide a better SDK with performance in mind. It has been designed keeping in mind the less CPU processing power.

Project manager Nathan Martz writes, “Many apps create simple versions of spatial audio — by playing sounds from the left and right in separate speakers. But with today’s SDK updates, your app can produce sound the same way humans actually hear it.”

Describing the features, he further writes, “The SDK is optimized for mobile CPUs (e.g. SIMD instructions) and actually computes the audio in real-time on a separate thread, so most of the processing takes place outside of the primary CPU.
The SDK allows you to control the fidelity of each sound. As a result, you can allocate more processing power to critical sounds, while de-emphasizing others.”

Google is trying to feature spatial audio as a unique feature. It will also like a plug-and-play for native Android developers. The announcement has come with Google executive Clay Bavor’s appointment to the newly minted position of vice president of virtual reality and the establishment of a dedicated VR department within the company.


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