Want to Buy a Smartwatch as a Gift at This Christmas? Here Is What to Get

The smartwatch market is in infancy, and prices ,too, are not your side. Despite that, there is no dearth of options for consumers.

The range of smartwatch options  is really vast—from Apple Watch to other android powered devices. The choices are innumerable. Here are the top six smartwatch options for you.

Apple Watch


Image Credit:brinkross.com
Image Credit:brinkross.com

No doubt that Apple Watch stands at the top of the choice. It’s a perfect choice for Apple lovers who never  buy anything else other than the Apple product. The price is little steep, but worth paying if you are an Apple freak.

Why you should buy it: It beats the smartwatch competition hollow—be it design, specifications, or software. The selection of apps and experience it offers is much better than other smartwatches. It’s not just a gadget, but also a fashion statement. Apple has tied up with Vogue and designers , such as Hermes which gives it a feel of real luxury.

Samsung Gear S2

Price: $299.99

Image Credit: Samsung Gear S2 website
Image Credit: Samsung Gear S2 website

In the hype to Samsung Gear VR  headset we may tend to ignore other products, but Samsung is really a brand to reckon with. Samsung Gear S2 is a classic example.

Why you should buy it: The Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S2 has a futuristic design. It has The bezel interface and ingenious smartwatch design. This is for those who own a Samsung smartphone, and don’t want to change their loyalties.

Pebble Time Around


Image Credit: Wired.com
Image Credit: Wired.com

Why you should buy it: Pebble’s smartwatches  will charm you with their design, look and feel. Of course. They are not Apple or Samsung, but it certainly gives the value for money. It’s interface is simple and sleek—and a long battery life. People will certainly appreciate your choice.

 Asus ZenWatch


Image Credit: ASUS website
Image Credit: ASUS website


Why you should buy it: Prices can be deceptive; Asus ZenWatch is a good example. Before telling anything the verdict is out—it is one of the most attractively designed Android wearable smartwatch. It has a circular design and great technology. If you are not that much brand conscious, you can go for it.

Moto 360


Image Credit: Wearable.com
Image Credit: Wearable.com

Why you should buy it: It’s certainly the most affordable smartwatch in the list and is of pretty good quality. It has a superb design. When it was launched first time, the battery-life was low. This issue has been addressed to a great extent.


Sony Smartwatch 3

Price: $199

Image Credit: Sony mobile.com
Image Credit: Sony mobile.com

The list would be incomplete without including the Sony Smartwatch 3. It’s not glamorous, glitzy, and fashionable compared to other smartwatches in the list. However, if you like a simple and great stuffs at an affordable price, Sony Smartwatch 3 will certainly please you. However, it will certainly not please those who want a piece of jewelry, and not a  smartphone.


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