Why Armed Forces Have Fallen In Love Of Drones

Eduardo Galeano in one of his articles says, “In the Age of the Almighty Computer, drones are the perfect warriors. They kill without remorse, obey without kidding around, and they never reveal the names of their masters.”Imagine a scenario, US wants to kill Baghdadi, but to achieve this aim it uses a killer drone.
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Seems more like a fantasy now , but its quite close to reality. The drones population has suddenly surged. So much so that regulators around the world are really clueless on how these unmanned aerial vehicles could be used.

They are photographing events, delivering Amazon packages to your door and aiding in search and rescue operation. So why not they can be used in a battlefield in surveillance and attack missions.

U.S. Air Force has more than 65 drones that are already doing this job. It seems low, but the number will certainly increase. Some defense experts see a great possibility in these short-sized drones. US navy is already developing drones of the size of F-14 but they will be without any pilot.

Though, bombing from drones are still a distant reality but one day they may replace the naval fighter jets, according to a report by Russia Today. These drones will have to be tested on speed and endurance before deployment in the battle field.

Killer drones are already in use at various locations such as in Pakistan. President Barak Obama has defended them by terming them as the most discriminating aerial bombers available in the modern warfare. Drones are also capable of delivering precision strikes without any intrusive military action.


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