Why Mark Zuckerberg Has Hired These Microsoft Researchers

Facebook’s love with the Oculus Rift continues. In order to provide better experience into virtual reality and artificial intelligence, Facebook has hired three longtime Microsoft researchers to head its newly established computational photography team which will add new features to the newly acquired Oculus Rift.

Michael Cohen, Rick Szeliski and Matt Uyttendaele have long been associated with Microsoft Research. The team headed by Microsoft researcher Rick Szeliski have been assigned the task of conceiving tools so that Facebook users could get their virtual reality video and share 3-D videos. Those technology was earlier restricted with earlier specialist group.

Of late, Facebook has been aggressively trying to augment its artificial intelligence team. In April this year it had hired two researchers from Microsoft.

Major technology companies have been competing very hard to hire experts in deep learning and immersive experience. But, Facebook is planning to launch it on a major scale.

Facebook on being asked said, “Our group creates new tools and technologies that provide the entire Facebook community creative abilities that have in the past often been restricted to specialists”

The battle for talent

Considering the potential for augmented reality, the battle to attract technical talent has gone fiercer with Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Microsoft are trying hard to bring the best talents in their companies to boost the development of virtual reality products.

Last year, Google had hired Geoffry Hinton, a renowned deep learning expert in University of Toronto.

However, it gave a fitting reply to Google by hiring New York University deep learning expert Yann LeCun. He has been an instrumental figure in the space reasearch.

Apart from that, LeCun has been associated with has a long history inventing computers that can think.

An attempt to boost Facebook’s artificial intelligence lab

Facebook is not merely a social media company now. By banking on virtual reality and augmented reality, it’s now on the way to becoming world’s leading technology and research driven company. The way Facebook is boosting its artificial intelligence lab, the world will surely have more interesting features in future.

Mark Zuckerberg strongly believes in the power of virtual reality. The success of the VR headset such as Oculus rift will depend on how much immersive experience it provides to its users. His logic is simple, if the Facebook provides more VR features, people are more likely to buy Oculus VR headsets.


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