Will Food Extinct From The Earth?

Will food extinct from the earth due to climate change? Fortunately, there is a good news on this front as crops won’t disappear. But the climate change will force to change the way we use to grow certain certain crops. Some part of the earth will become so that certain types of crops will be affected.
“Even if overall food production may be unaffected, food security can still be impacted,” says Margaret Walsh, an ecologist at the US Department of Agriculture’s Climate Change Program Office.

Agricultural scientists are of the view that temperature above 30 degree celcius is bad for crops. This is the reason, the production of Soybean and corn has witnessed a reduction in the production output after the threshold temperature crossed 30 degree Celsius. The study was carried out by Columbia University scientists.

Scientists are of the view that 80 % coffee –production areas in Central America and Brazil will witness a steep decline in the production of coffee. Food will certainly be available but it will cost more. A big price jump means they will disappear from our menu.
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Scientists across the world are trying to develop drought resistant variety of wheat and rice. However, there is just a little success on this front. Genetic engineering can provide a solution, but this has been entangled in political debate.

If world wants to deal with such complex problems it will have to use technology. Diversifying our diet can also be a solution. We will have to reduce our over-dependence from the certain food items. It’s not impossible. May be some food of sea foods could become part of our staple diet in future.

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Most of the population today depend on staple diet— wheat, soybeans, maize and rice. But over dependence on certain crops will also leave us more vulnerable. The food we eat today is just 36 percent we used to eat in 1961.

We have seen a profound change in the diet during the last decade. So it can happen in the next decade too. However, we will have to do it faster, otherwise it will be too late.


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