You May Not Believe It, But This Band Can Aactually Read Your Mood

What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘wearable gadget’? For most of of it’s a small watch or a wearable band that tracks fitness. Forget this at all, there is a new wearable band that tracks your mood.


But a wearable device named Feel launched by Sentio Solutions actually reads your mood and alerts you to lower the stress level.


You can then do deep breathing exercises, do yoga, read books or simply relax. It’s priced $199 in retail and $149 in the pre-order.

It can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth to send you realtime information about your mood. It measures your mood through sensors.

There are four sensors that track skin temperature, blood volume pulse and galvanic skin response ( which is about sweat gland activity).

When it’s integrated with biometric measurement it starts collecting data. You can look at your whole day mood swings in the forms of graph.

“The first step in changing negative emotional habits is emotional awareness,” the co-founder and CEO George Eleftheriou told in a press conference.

The wearable band also gives you suggestion about how to reduce the stress level and how to make yourself happier.”The second step in improving your emotions is receiving personalized recommendations,” said Eleftheriou.
When it detects a high level of stress, the wristband instantly sends you alert telling you to calm down.

“In the future, we see these being helpful for therapeutic and mental healthcare professionals,” Eleftheriou said.

Feel will be available for pre-order starting this spring, with an expected arrival date in December. The wristbands will be available for $199 retail and $149 in the pre-order.


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